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Regions of Scotland

There are 17 regions in Scotland

Featured Region: Aberdeen

Unsurprisingly the main city in the region of Aberdeen is Aberdeen. The city of Aberdeen is the third most populous city in Scotland and nicknames include The Granite City and the Grey City. This is because the buildings were made from grey granite from the local quarries, which sparkled in the sun. Read More...

Scottish Regions Quiz

Have you ever found yourself looking at a map of Scotland, knowing which county you want to see, but starting your search in entirely the wrong place?


Featured Article: Scottish Genealogy

Only around five million people live in Scotland. If you learn that around 4.8 Million Americans claim to have a Scottish ancestry, and that there are plenty of other countries who have people with a Scottish ancestry, then you might come to believe that there are more people with Scottish blood outside of Scotland than inside it! Read More...

Travel to Scotland

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