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Alasdair (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)  

Alastair (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)

Alastaire (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)

Alaster (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)

Alistair (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)

Alistaire (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)

Alister (Protector of mankind, Defender, Helper)

Athol (Place name)

Avery (Place name)


Bac (Bank)

Baen (Fair skinned)

Baigh (From the upper part)

BaIloch (From the pasture)

Baird (Minstrel)

Bairn (Child)

Balfour (From the pastureland)

Balgair (Fox)

Balgaire (Fox)

Balmoral (From the majestic village)

Banner (Flag, Ensign bearer)

Barclay (Birch meadow)

Bard (Minstrel)

Barday (From Berkeley)

Bartley (From the birch meadow)

Bean (Fair skinned)

Bearnard (Strong as a bear)  

Beathan (Son of the right hand)  

Beiste (Beast)

Beth (Lively)

Bhaic (Bank)

Bhaltair (Strong warrior)

Bhradain (Salmon)

Bhraghad (From the upper part)

Bhreac (Speckled)

Bhric (Speckled)

Biast (Beast)

Birk (From a birch tree)

Blaine (Source of a river)

Blair (Peat moss)

Blakeman (Dark, Dark-haired, Can also mean the reverse - Fair; Pale)

Blane (Source of a river)

Blaney (Source of a river)

Blayne (Source of a river)

Both (From the stone house)

Bothain (From the stone house)

Bothan (From the stone house)

Boyd (Blond)

Braden (Salmon)

Bram (Father of many)

Breac (Speckled)

Bretton (Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England))

Brice (Speckled)

Broc (Badger)

Brochan (Broken)

Broden (The Castle Brodie in Scotland)

Broderic (Brother)

Broderick (Brother)

Brodie (From Brodie)

Brodric (Brother)

Brodrick (Brother)

Brody (The Castle Brodie in Scotland)

Broehain (Broken)

Bruce (Woodlands)

Bryce (Speckled)

Brycen (Speckled)

Bryceton (Speckled)

Bryson (Speckled)

Bryston (Speckled)

Buchanan (From the cannon's seat)


Cailean (Child)  

Cailin (Child)

Caillen (Virile)

Caladh (Harbor)

Calan (Child)

Calder (Rough waters)

Caley (Child)

Callum (Bald dove)

Cam (Crooked)

Cambeul (Crooked mouth)

Camdan (From the winding valley)

Camden (From the winding valley)

Camdin (From the winding valley)

Camdyn (From the winding valley)

Cameron (Bent nose)

Camhlaidh (Relic)

Camp (Crooked mouth)

Campbell (Crooked mouth)

Camron (Bent nose)

Camshron (Crooked nose)

Caraidland (From the land between the streams)

Carlton (From the land between the streams)

Carmichael (Friend of Saint Michael)

Carr (From the broken mossy ground)

Carson (Surname)

Cat (Catlike)

Cathair (From the broken mossy ground)

Cauley (Relic)

Cawley (Relic)

Ceard (Smith)

Ceardach (Smith)

Chaim (Crooked)

Chait (Catlike)

Chalmer (Rules the home)

Chalmers (Son of the Lord)

Chattan (Clan of the cats)

Chisholm (From Chisolm)

Christie (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Christy (Annointed, Follower of Christ)

Clach (Stone)

Cleit (Rocky eminence)

Clennan (Finnian's servant)

Clyde (Place name, Scottish Clyde river)

Coburn (Place name)

Coby (Place name)

Coire (Seething pool)

Colin (People's victory)

Colm (Disciple of Saint Columbia)

Colquhoun (From Colquhoun)

Comyn (From Comines)

Corey (Seething pool)

Cory (Seething pool)

Craig (From near the crag)

Crannog (Lake dweller)

Crayton (Border dweller)

Creighton (From the farm by the creek)

Crom (Crooked)

Cromwell (From the crooked well)

Cruim (Crooked)

Culloden (From the nook of the marsh)

Cumin (From Comines)

Cumming (From Comines)

Cunningham (From Cunningham)


Daileass (From the waterfall)

Daimh (Ox)

Dallas (Place name, Wise)

Dalyell (From the little field)

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Dalziel (From the little field)

Damh (Ox)

Darach (Oak)

Dave (David's son)

Davidson (David's son)

Davis (David's son)

Dearg (Red)

Dhoire (From the grove)

Doire (From the grove)

Domhnull (All ruler)

Donal (Great chief. Donald is a major Scottish clan names.)

Donald (Great chief. Donald is a major Scottish clan names.)

Donel (All ruler)

Donell (All ruler)

Donnachadh (Brown warrior)

Donnchadh (Brown warrior)  

Donnel (Great chief. Donald is a major Scottish clan names.)

Donnell (Great chief. Donald is a major Scottish clan names.)

Doug (From the dark water)

Dougal (From the dark water)

Doughall (Black stranger)

Dougie (From the dark water)

Douglas (From the dark water)

Douglass (From the dark water)

Dour (From the water)

Drummand (At the ridge)

Drummond (At the ridge)

Dubh (Black)  

Dubhglas (From the dark water)

Duff (Black)

Dugald (From the dark water)

Dugan (From the dark water)

Duncan (Brown warrior)

Dunmor (From the great hill fortress)

Dunmore (From the great hill fortress)

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Eanruig (Rules the home)

Ear (From the East)

Earie (From the East)

Eilig (From the deer pass)

Elliot (Old Welshman)

Errol (Earl, Nobleman)

Erroll (Earl, Nobleman)

Erskine (From the top of the cliff)

Evan (Right handed)


Faing (From the sheep pen)

Fang (From the sheep pen)

Farlan (Son of the furrows)

Farlane (Son of the furrows)

Farquharson (Son of the dear one)

Feandan (From the narrow glen)

Fearchar (Dear one)  

Fergus (First choice, Man of strength)

Ferguson (Son of the first choice)

Fergusson (Son of the first choice)

Fibh (From Fifeshire)

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Fie (Dark of peace)

Finian (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finlay (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finley (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finn (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finnian (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finnie (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Finny (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Firth (Arm of the sea)

Fletcher (Maker of arrows)

Forbes (Headstrong)

Fraser (Strawberry flowers, Of the forest men, A major Scottish clan)

Frasier (Strawberry flowers, Of the forest men, A major Scottish clan)

Frazer (Strawberry flowers, Of the forest men, A major Scottish clan)

Frazier (Strawberry flowers, Of the forest men, A major Scottish clan)

Fyfe (From Fifeshire)

Fyn (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)

Fynn (Fair heroe, Sunbeam)


Gair (Short)

Gare (Short)

Gavan (White hawk)

Gaven (White hawk)

Gavin (White hawk)

Gavyn (White hawk)

Gawain (White hawk)

Gawen (White hawk)

Gawyn (White hawk)

Gil (From the high peak)

Gilie (From the high peak)

Gilleabart (Pledge, Vow)

Gilleasbuig (Brave)

Gillecriosd (Christ bearer)

Gillivray (Servant of judgment)

Gilly (From the high peak)

Gilmat (Sword bearer)

Gilmer (Sword bearer)

Gilmore (Sword bearer)

Gilroy (Serves the king)

Gobha (A smith)

Goraidh (Peaceful)  

Gordain (Hero)

Gordan (Hero)  

Gordon (From the marshes)

Gow (A smith)

Gowan (A smith)

Graeme (Farm home)

Graham (From the gray home)

Grant (Great)

Gregor (Vigilant)

Griorgair (Vigilant)

Gunn (White)


Hamilton (Place name)

Harailt (Leader)  

Hay (From the stockade)

Haye (From the stockade)

Henderson (Son of Henry)

Henson (Son of Henry)

Home (From the cave)

Houston (From Hugh's town, Place name)

Hume (From the cave)


Iain (Gift from God)  

Ian (Gift from God)

Innes (From Innes)

Irvin (From the city)

Irving (From the city)

Iver (Archer)