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Scottish Baby Baby Names

Scottish Baby Name Generator

Unique Scottish Baby Names & Meanings


Jackie (God is gracious)

Jackson (God is gracious)

Jacky (God is gracious)

Jaime (Supplanter)

Jaime (Supplanter)

Jaimee (Supplanter)

Jaimelynn (Supplanter)

Jaimi (Supplanter)

Jaimie (Supplanter)

Jamee (Supplanter)

Jamey (Supplanter)

Jami (Supplanter)

Jamia (Supplanter)

Jamie (Supplanter)

Jamie (Supplanter)

Jamielee (Supplanter)

Jamieson (Supplanter)

Jamilyn (Supplanter)

Jamison (Supplanter)

Janet (God is gracious)

Janetta (God is gracious)

Jannet (God is gracious)

Janneth (God is gracious)

Janneth (God is gracious)

Jaymee (Supplanter)

Jaymie (Supplanter)

Jean (Gracious gift from God)

Jock (God is gracious)

Johnson (Son of John)

Johnston (From John's farm)


Kade (From the wetlands)

Kai (Fire)

Kam (Bent nose)

Kamden (From the winding valley)

Kameron (Bent nose)

Kameron (Bent nose)

Kamron (Bent nose)

Kay (Fire)

Keith (From the battlefield)

Ken (Born of fire)

Kendrew (Manly, Valiant, Courageous)

Kendric (Royal chieftain)

Kendrick (Royal chieftain)

Kendrik (Royal chieftain)

Kendrix (Royal chieftain)

Kenn (Born of fire)

Kennan (Royal obligation, Good-looking, Fair)

Kennedy (Ugly head)

Kennet (Born of fire)

Kenneth (Born of fire)

Kenney (Born of fire)

Kennon (Royal obligation, Good-looking, Fair)

Kenny (Born of fire)

Kenrick (Royal chieftain)

Kenrik (Royal chieftain)

Kenzie (The fair one)

Kenzie (Fair)

Kenzy (The fair one)

Kerk (From the church)

Kermichil (From Michael's fortress)

Kerr (Man of strength)

Kevin (Born of fire)

Kin (From the top of the cliff)

Kinney (Royal obligation, Good-looking, Fair)

Kinnon (Fair born)

Kinny (From the top of the cliff)

Kirk (From the church)

Kirkland (Church)

Kirklin (Church)

Kirklyn (Church)

Kyrk (Church)

Kyrksen (Church)


Lachlan (From the land of lakes)

Laine (Serves John)

Lainie (Serves John)

Lair (Mare)

Laird (Lord)

Laire (Mare)

Lamond (Clan name)

Lamont (Man of law)

Laochailan (Waning)

Lara (Mare)

Laren (Serves Lawrence)

Laren (Serves Lawrence)

Larena (Serves Lawrence)

Laria (Serves Lawrence)

Laurence (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lean (Serves John)

Leana (Serves John)

Leane (Serves John)

Leathan (River)

Lee (Dweller in the gray castle)

Leith (River)

Len (Amid the lems, From the field of elm trees)

Lenix (Amid the lems, From the field of elm trees)

Lennie (Amid the lems, From the field of elm trees)

Lennox (Amid the lems, From the field of elm trees)

Lenny (Amid the lems, From the field of elm trees)

Lenox (Amid the lems, From the field of elm trees)

Leod (Ugly)

Les (Dweller in the gray castle)

Leslee (Dweller in the gray castle)

Lesley (Dweller in the gray castle)

Leslie (Dweller in the gray castle)

Leslie (From Leslie)

Lesly (Dweller in the gray castle)

Lezlie (Name of a prominent Scottish clan)

Lindsay (A lake, A place of linden trees)

Lindsay (From the island of the lime tree)

Linsey (A lake, A place of linden trees)

Lioslaith (Dwells at the gray fortress)

Livingstone (From Livingston)

Logan (Little hollow)

Logan (Little hollow)

Logen (Low meadow)

Lorna (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lorne (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lornell (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lundie (From the island grove)

Lundy (From the island grove)

Luthais (Famous warrior)  

Lyall (Loyal)

Lydell (Surname)

Lyel (Loyal)

Lyndsey (A lake, A place of linden trees)


Mac (Diminutive of names beginning with Mac..)

MacAdhamh (Son of Adam)

MacAlister (Son of Alasdair)

MacAlpin (Son of Alpine)

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MacAlpine (Son of Alpine)

MacAndrew (Son of Andrew)

MacArthur (Son of Arthur)

MacAulay (Son of Olaf)

MacAuslan (Son of Absalon)

MacBain (Son of Beathan)

MacBean (Son of Beathan)

MacBeth (Son of Beth)

MacCallum (Son of Callum)

MacClennan (Son of Finnian's servant)

MacColl (Son of Coll)

MacDaibhidh (David's son)

MacDhuBh (Son of the blackman)

MacDomhnall (Son of the world's ruler)

MacDonald (Son of the world's ruler)

MacDonell (Son of the world's ruler)

MacDougal (Son of Dougal)

MacDoughall (Son of Dougal)

MacDubhgall (Son of Dougal)

MacDuff (Son of the blackman)

MacEwen (Son of Ewen)

MacFarlane (Son of Farlan)

MacFie (Son of the dark of peace)

MacGillivray (Son of the servant of judgment)

MacGowan (Son of the smith)

MacGregor (Son of a shepherd)

Machair (Plain)

Machar (Plain)

Machara (Plain)

MacInnes (Son of the unique choice)

MacIntosh (Son of the thane)

MacIver (Son of an archer)

Mack (Son of Flann)

MacKay (Son of fire)

MacKendrick (Son of Henry)

Mackenzie (Son of Kenzie, Fair; Favored one.)

MacKenzie (Fair, Favored one, Son of the fair man, Son of Kenzie)

MacKinley (Son of Kinley)

MacKinnon (Son of the fair born)

MackIntosh (Son of the thane)

MacLachlan (Son of Lachlan)

MacLaine (Son of the servant of John)

MacLaren (Son of Laren)

MacLean (Son of the servant of John)

MacLeod (Son of the ugly man)

MacMillan (Son of the ba!d man)

MacNab (Son of the Abbot)

MacNachtan (Son of the pure one)

MacNaughton (Son of the pure one)

MacNeill (Son of the champion)

MacNiall (Son of the champion)

MacNicol (Son of the conquering people)

MacPherson (Son of the parson)

MacQuarrie (Son of the proud)

MacQueen (Son of the good man)

MacRae (Son of grace)

MacRay (Son of grace)

Madntyre (Son of the carpenter)

MaeAdam (Son of Adam)

Maggie (Pearl)

Mai (Pearl)

Maira (Bitter)

Mairi (Bitter)

Maisie (Child of light)

Maisy (Child of light)

Maizie (Child of light)

Makolm (Follower of Saint Columba)

Mal (Disciple of Saint Columbia)

Malcolm (St. Columb's disciple)

Malcom (St. Columb's disciple)

Malmuira (Dark skinned)

Malmuirie (Dark skinned)

Manda (Whiskey)

Manhattan (Whiskey)

Manny (Whiskey)

Maolmuire (Dark skinned)

Marcail (Pearl)

Marcas (Of Mars, The god of war)

Math (Bear)

Mathe (Bear)

Matheson (Bear's son)

Maxwell (Mack's well)

May (Pearl)

Maysie (Child of light)

Mazey (Child of light)

McCloud (Son of the ugly man)

Mckenzie (The fair one)

Mealcoluim (Follower of Saint Columba)

Menzies (From Mesniers)

Micheal (Like God)  

Mina (Mother)

Minda (Mother)

Mindy (Mother)

Minetta (Mother)

Minette (Mother)

Minna (Mother)

Mitch (Like God)

Mitchel (Like God)

Mitchell (Like God)

Moibeal (Lovable)  

Moira (Bitter)

Moire (Bitter)  

Moireach (A lady)

Moncreiffe (From the hill of the sacred bough)

Monro (Wheelwright)

Monroe (From the river's mouth)

Montgomery (Mountain)

Morogh (Man of the sea)

Morrison (Son of the servant of Mary)

Mufidy (Man of the sea)

Muir (From the moors)

Muira (From the moors)

Muire (Bitter, From the moor)

Muirfinn (DweIls near the beautiful sea)

Munro (From Ro)

Munroe (From Ro)

Murdoc (Protector of the sea)

Murdoch (Protector of the sea)

Murdock (Protector of the sea)

Murray (From the sea)

Murtagh (Protector of the sea)

Myna (Mother)

Mysie (Child of light)

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Nab (Abbot)

Nachton (Pure)

Nairna (Dwells at the alder tree river)

Nairne (From the narrow river glade)

Nairne (Dwells at the alder tree river)

Nathair (Snake)

Nathaira (Snake)

Nathara (Snake)

Nathrach (Snake)

Nathraichean (Snake)

Naughton (Pure)

Neakail (People's victory)

Nechtan (Pure)

Neilan (Champion)

Neill (Champion)

Ness (From the headland)

Nessa (From the headland)

Nessia (From the headland)

Niall (Champion)  

Nicol (People's victory)

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Nighean (Young woman)

Nighinn (Young woman)

Norris (From the north)

Norval (From the north valley)


Ogilhinn (From the high peak)

Ogilvie (From the high peak)

Ogilvy (From the high peak)

Oidhche (Night)

Oliphant (Great strength)


Paden (Royal)

Padruig (Royal)  

Parlan (Farmer)  

Paton (Royal)

Payton (Royal)

Peyton (Royal)

Pherson (Parson)


Quany (Proud)

Quarrie (Proud)

Quinn (Surname)


Rae (Grace)

Ramsay (Ram's island)

Ramsey (From Ramsey)

Ramzey (Ram's island)

Ramzi (Ram's island)

Ranald (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Raoghnailt (Lamb)

Ray (Grace)

Reade (Red haired)

Redd (Red haired)

Reed (Red haired)

Reid (Red haired)

Rob Roy (Red Rob)

Robena (Robin)

Robert (Bright, Famous)

Robertson (Son of Robert)

Robina (Robin)

Rodric (Famous ruler)

Rodrick (Famous ruler)

Ronald (Powerful, Rules with counsel)

Ros (From the peninsula)

Rose (Rose)

Rose (Rose)

Ross (From the peninsula)

Rossano (From the peninsula)

Rossiter (Red)

Rosston (Red)

Roswald (From the peninsula)

Roth (Red)

Roy (Red)

Royal (Red)

Royall (Red)


Sandy (Protector of mankind)

ScIymgeour (Fighter)

Scot (Wanderer)

Scott (Wanderer)

Scottie (From Scotland; a Gael. Diminutive of Scott.)

Scotty (From Scotland; a Gael. Diminutive of Scott.)

Shaw (Terse)

Shawe (Terse)

Sheiling (From the summer pasture)

Sileas (Youthful)

Sim (Listener)  

Sima (Listener)

Sinclair (From Saint Clair sur Elle)

Siubhan (Praised)  

Siusan (Lily)

Skena (From Skene)

Skene (From Skene)

Sloan (Warrior)

Stewart (Keeper of the estate)

Struan (Stream)

Struana (From the stream)

Stuart (Clan names of the royal house of Scotland)

Sutherland (From Sutherland)


Tamnais (Twin)

Tamsin (Twin)

Tara (A hill where the kings met)

Tav (Twin)

Taveon (Twin)

Tavey (Twin)

Tavia (Twin)

Tavin (Twin)

Tavio (Twin)

Tavion (Twin)

Tavis (Twin)

Tavish (Twin)

Tavon (Twin)

Tearlach (Strong)

Teva (Twin)

Tevin (Twin)

Tevis (Twin)

Thane (Anglo-Saxon and Scottish feudal lords' title)

Tira (Land)

Todd (Fox)

Tor (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Toran (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torean (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Toren (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torence (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torey (Triumphant)

Torey (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torin (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torion (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torra (From the castle)

Torran (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torrance (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torree (Triumphant)

Torrence (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torrey (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torri (Triumphant)

Torrian (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torrie (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Torry (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Tory (Triumphant)

Tory (From the rocky hills, Watchtower)

Tyra (Land)

Tyree (Scandinavian god of battle)


Urquhart (From the fount on the knoll)


Vanora (White wave)

Vika (From the creek)


Wallace (Welshman, Stranger)

Wynda (From the narrow passage)