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Scottish Baby Girl Names

Scottish Baby Name Generator

Unique Scottish Girl Names & Meanings


Jaime (Supplanter)

Jaimee (Supplanter)

Jaimelynn (Supplanter)

Jaimi (Supplanter)

Jaimie (Supplanter)

Jamee (Supplanter)

Jamey (Supplanter)

Jami (Supplanter)

Jamia (Supplanter)

Jamie (Supplanter)

Jamielee (Supplanter)

Jamilyn (Supplanter)

Jamison (Supplanter)

Janet (God is gracious)

Janetta (God is gracious)

Jannet (God is gracious)

Janneth (God is gracious)

Jaymee (Supplanter)

Jaymie (Supplanter)

Jean (Gracious gift from God)


Kameron (Bent nose)

Kenzie (The fair one)

Kenzy (The fair one)


Lainie (Serves John)

Lair (Mare)

Laire (Mare)

Lara (Mare)

Laren (Serves Lawrence)

Larena (Serves Lawrence)

Laria (Serves Lawrence)

Leana (Serves John)

Lee (Dweller in the gray castle)

Les (Dweller in the gray castle)

Leslee (Dweller in the gray castle)

Lesley (Dweller in the gray castle)

Leslie (Dweller in the gray castle)

Lesly (Dweller in the gray castle)

Lezlie (Name of a prominent Scottish clan)

Lindsay (A lake, A place of linden trees)

Linsey (A lake, A place of linden trees)

Lioslaith (Dwells at the gray fortress)

Logan (Little hollow)

Lorna (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lyndsey (A lake, A place of linden trees)


Machara (Plain)

Mackenzie (Son of Kenzie, Fair; Favored one.)

Maggie (Pearl)

Mai (Pearl)

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Maira (Bitter)

Mairi (Bitter)

Maisie (Child of light)

Maisy (Child of light)

Maizie (Child of light)

Malmuira (Dark skinned)

Malmuirie (Dark skinned)

Manda (Whiskey)

Manhattan (Whiskey)

Manny (Whiskey)

Marcail (Pearl)

May (Pearl)

Maysie (Child of light)

Mazey (Child of light)

Mckenzie (The fair one)

Mina (Mother)

Minda (Mother)

Mindy (Mother)

Minetta (Mother)

Minette (Mother)

Minna (Mother)

Moibeal (Lovable)  

Moira (Bitter)

Moire (Bitter)  

Moireach (A lady)

Muira (From the moors)

Muire (Bitter, From the moor)

Myna (Mother)

Mysie (Child of light)